A hidden gem in the High Weald of Sussex, sensitively planted to enhance the natural landscape. A botanical treasure trove and classic English idyll make High Beeches one of the finest gardens in the South East


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

January Flowers


Camellia Lady Clare
 The warm days are bringing plants into flower in the garden.  Snowdrops, crocus and Lent Lillies are starting to bloom along with some of the earlier flowering shrubs.

It is slightly surprising to see blooms on Camellia Lady Clare in January.  This wonderful camellia comes from Japan and was originally called Akashigata until it was imported into the US when it was named Lady Clare. 
Hamamelis mollis

Hamamelis mollis, the chinese witch hazel, has been in flower since before Christmas.  A welcome sight on a winters day and on a sunny day its sweet scent fills the garden.  It was first
introduced by Charles Maries in 1879 and later by Ernest Wilson. 

Rhododendron Nobleanum Venustum

Rhododendron Nobleanum Venustum (arboreum x caucasicum) is one of the earlier
rhododendrons to flower.  An old hybrid it was raised by William Smith at Norbiton Common, nr Kingston in 1929.  This plant at High Beeches is a layer of an old plant in the garden.

Rhododendron spinuliferum

Rhdodendron spinuliferum is in flower a little early this year.  An unusual rhododendron with its tubular red flowers and protruding stamens in erect clusters.  A native of Central and Southern Yunnan discovered by Abbe David and introduced in 1907.

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