A hidden gem in the High Weald of Sussex, sensitively planted to enhance the natural landscape. A botanical treasure trove and classic English idyll make High Beeches one of the finest gardens in the South East


Tuesday, 2 June 2015



A small genus of five species.  We have one at High Beeches and a selected clone.

Crinodendron hookerianum Gay
formely (Tricuspidaria lanceaolata)
the Lantern tree, has long-stalked
red lantern like flowers in May.
A large shrub here at High Beeches
was  planted in 1914.  A native of
Chile it was introduced by
William Lobb for Messrs Veitch,
 in 1848.

Crindodendrons prefer cool, moist, peaty soil
and are not always hardy, they are mostly to
be found in gardens  in the UK on the west coast and the Isle of Wight.

Crinodendron hookerianum 'Ada Hoffmann'
is a pale pink flowered clone selected in
the wild.  The plant here at High Beeches
was planted in 2009, flowering for the first time
in 2010.

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